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18 SOUND 12LW1400

12-in High Power Woofer ideally suited for very high loading cabinets, such as bandpass, h...

18 SOUND 12MB1000

12-in High Output MB Ferrite Transducer 8 ohms Ideal for direct radiating or horn loaded m...

18 SOUND 12MB700

12-in Very High Output MB Ferrite Transducer 8 Ohms

18 SOUND 12MB777

High Power 12-in Woofer Driver 8 Ohms

18 SOUND 12ND610

8-Ohm 12-in High Power Midbass Woofer w/Neodymium Magnet

18 SOUND 12NMB1000

12-in Woofer with/high sensitivity and 1200 Watt Continuous Power Handling Capacity 8 ohms

18 SOUND 12NTLW3500-4

12-in Professional Woofer for high quality, low distortion applications

18 SOUND 12W750

12-in High Power Woofer w/Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil & Weather protected cone and pla...