Bluetooth Speaker with Yellow Grill and Yellow Stand, remote control and matched microphone
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Manufacturer: GLI PRO

* 15-in powered two-way speaker with matching support stand.
* Wireless microphone and remote control included.
* Built-in Equalizer.
* XLR Mic input and Mic Output.
* RCA Stereo Line In.
* Built-in FM Tuner
* USB and SD Inputs.
* 1/4 Mic input.
* Wireless Mic Level Control.
* Echo sound effects with level control.
* Clipping indicator LED.
* Built-in extendable antenna for greater range of the wireless mic.
* Features: MP3 player with LCD display.
* Matching yellow color speaker tripod stand included.
* 8 Ohm Slave speaker output with Speakon type connector.
* Magnet: 30 OZ.
* Power: 50W RMS.
* Impedance: 4 Ohm.
* Sensitivity: 95dB (+/- 2dB).
* Frequency Range: 50-20Khz.
* Input power: 120/240V, 60/50 Hz.
* Three heavy duty carry handles and speaker bottom wheels help facilitate handling.

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