TV Camera Interface ideal for Skype, connects to Samsung TV Sets
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Manufacturer: SAMSUNG

Group Video Calling
Bring more people together with Group Video Calling.
Samsung TV Camera works seamlessly with video communication apps such as Skype for 1-to-2 group calling.
Keep in touch with your family or friends no mater how far they are.
* *This feature is limited for use between Samsung Smart TVs.
Smart Interaction Enabled
Easily control your TV with Smart Interaction.
The Samsung TV Camera enables basic gesture control functions so you can navigate screens or adjust volume/channel with simple hand motions.
* * This feature only works with select J Series Samsung Smart TVs.
(JU6700 and higher)
Compatible Models J5500, J6300 and above; JU6500 and above; JS8500 – JS9100 Virtual Mirror
* Keep up with your fitness goals.
The Samsung Camera creates a virutal mirror while you work out using excerise apps such as Fitness App.
View a live video of your movement for precise workout.
* TV Camera Interface ideal for Skype
* USB 2.0
* Skype Certified: Yes
* USB Cable Included
* User Manual Included
* USB Cable Clip Included
* Accessory Size (W X H X D): 2.4-In X 4.8-In X 0.5-In
* Shipping Dimensions (W X H X D): 3.1-In X 6.6-In X 1.4-In
* Product Weight: 0.25 Lb.
* Shipping Weight (Lb): 0.38 Lb.