12 Channel UHF Wireless Mic Package w/Twelve Matched Microphones w/Transport Case
SKU: UHF5800C12
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Manufacturer: VOCOPRO

For those times when 4 or even 8 microphones aren’t enough, we introduce our latest mic package, the UHF-5800-C12 with 12 available microphone channels.
Each channel has its own dedicated volume control and output jack; or use the mixed outputs for a quick connection.
Inside the hardy flight case are 3 of our wildly popular UHF-5800s working in tandem to bring high fidelity audio to your performance.
The flight case will keep all three receivers plus their cables neat and tidy in addition to cutting your set up time down considerably.
Just move the flight case into the performance area, remove the front and back panel, and get connected!
* All 12 Microphones Operate On Unique Frequencies
* Independent Volume Control for Each Channel
* 12x Balanced XLR Outputs and 3 1/4-in Mixed Outputs
* Flight Case Included To Protect Receivers
* Removable Front/Back Case Panels For Easy Access
* Includes All Necessary Screws To Assemble (system does not ship assembled)
* Rear Panel Connectors:
* Power in (x3)
* 4 XLR Channel ouputs (x3)
* 1/4-in mic out (x3)
* Accessories (x3): Power adapter, 1/4-in audio cable