Wireless RCA Automotive Audio Receiver Slave from Radio Source to this RCA Receiver (requires transmitter unit not included)
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

Works in conjunction with the Taramps TWMASTER unit (sold separately) and receives stereo audio signals from one transmitter.
Up to four of these units may be used for one transmitter.
Provides an RCA level stereo output signal to drive amplifiers remotely connected to car audio receivers and players.

* This unit is a Slave Receiver ONLY.
* Radio Frequency operating range: ISM band 2.4GHz (2.404GHz the 2.476GHz)
* maximum RF transmission power: + 20,2dBm (105 MW)
* Audio Output Impedance: 470 ohms
* maximum level audio output L / R: 2V RMS
* frequency response: 10Hz to 22KHz (-1dB)
* Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.01% to 1 kHz
* S / N ratio:> 90dB
* Crosstalk (channel separation):> 80 dB
* supply Voltage: 10 to 16V DC
* consumption nominal: 100mA @ 12.6
* consumption in stand-by: 40mA
* protection system: resettable thermal fuse (PPTC) internal + prot.
Reverse polarity
* maximum current of remote output: 250mA
* Dimensions (WxHxD): 88 x 30 x 118mm
* Weight: 0.1kg