Home Line Voltage AC to 12 Volts DC Universal Power Adaptor with extra capacity for most needs.
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Manufacturer: PYRAMID

* Quality 12 Volt DC power adapter for multi-use.
* Includes female receptacle with fuse for optional hardwire use.
* Power Input: 100-240 VAC at 50/60Hz
* Output: DC 12V 5000mA/5A
* Operating Temperature: 0 Degrees C to 40 Degrees C
* Storage Temperature: -20 Degrees C to 85 Degrees C
* Dimension: 4.72-in x 2.05-in x 1.26-in
* 5.49 mm diameter plug (metal section) with a penetrating length of about 10mm.
* 2 mm hole for center connector.
* Tip (center) positive.
* LED power status indicator light.
* Detachable standard PC power cord.

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