Studio Quality DSP Key Controller/Sonic Enhancer
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Manufacturer: VOCOPRO

The KC-300 Pro's Sonic Enhancer will dramatically improve the sound quality of your vocal system, allowing you to fine tune the dynamics of the high & low ends of your audio signal.
There is also a studio quality 17-step DSP Key Controller to raise & lower the natural musical key by 2 full octaves, & key changes can be made to any compatible input source.
Also on-board are Vocal Cancel & Vocal Elimination features that remove lead vocals from music tracks.
Vocal Cancel removes the vocals from Multiplex tracks, while Vocal Elimination removes the vocals from standard CD's!
The KC-300 Pro is solidly constructed into a sleek 1RU case, which means you'll hardly have to make room for it! It's large & easy to read Multi-Display will never have you squinting, even in those near dark situations.
It's rear panel houses Inputs for two A/V devices & one line-level Auxiliary device, & one A/V Output w/dual Video Outputs.
There is even a set of XLR output jacks in case you need them!
So, if you are seeking to unleash the potential of your vocal system & experience professional level control & sound quality, go w/the KC-300 Pro by VocoPro, your choice for ultimate vocal entertainment!
* 17-Step DSP Key Controller
* Vocal Cancel to Remove Vocals from Multiplex Karaoke Software
* Vocal Reducer to eliminate vocals from standard CD/CD+G's
* Sonic Enhancer optimizes high/low frequencies
* Full function remote control
* 115V-230V switchable
* Shipping Dimensions: 16.5-in (L) x 21-in (W) x 5-in (H)
* Shipping Weight: 11 lbs