Cobra iRadar ATOM Ultra Compact Smart Detection System for iPhone & Android Devices
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Cobra iRadar App
* Automatically records radar & laser alert information & notifies users when they are entering high-threat areas
* Allows for manual reporting of live police & caution areas, which are shared w/the iRadar Community
* Alerts to speed & red light cameras, known speed traps, & dangerous intersections
* Displays visual alerts from the detector on your smart phone
* Controls radar detector settings from your smart phone
* Cobra iRadar Detector unit
* Cobra's highest sensitivity radar/laser detector packed into the industry's most compact design
* Detects all radar & laser guns
* Provides 360 degree detection
* Customized false alert reduction w/4 City/Highway Modes
* Plots route line to give GPS based directions to your destination
* Show's real-time traffic information on the map
* iRadar ATOM
* Height: 3.34-in
* Width: 2.21-in
* Depth: 1.15-in
* Weight: 3.9 oz